Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pancake Parlour

Windsor Hotel, Melbourne CBD

Stuck at home studying on a Sunday afternoon. Instead, I wish I was back at the Windsor sipping on Chandon and biting into heavily cream-ed and lightly jamm-ed scones.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Loco Coffee, Elsternwick

These guys are great. It's a fun and energetic place and the waiters are always happy to have a chat. Besides that, they do amazing coffee art and the condensed milk cookie is to die for. The food is simple and delicious because they use the best ingredients.

Trust me on this one, because once upon a time, we used to supply their fresh produce and they always bought the best stuff and never cut any corners.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Korean BBQ Restaurant, Clayton

If you've just done your hair, had a facial or are wearing wool or fur or high maintenance clothes, do not come here.

Prepare yourself for a visit by dressing up in old loose fitting jumpers and jeans. It will provide protection against the grease and fumes and the extra room will be useful to stash all the food.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hopetoun Tea Rooms, Melbourne CBD

Tiffin. I love tiffin. I love them because they represent an escape from this world into an era of long gowns and lace gloves, of carousels and french braids.

We discovered Hopetoun Tearooms on one of our walks through the Block Arcade. However we were often too late for the first couple of times when we tried to come here. They close very promptly everyday and we've learnt to arrive well before 4 o'clock. On the weekends, it can get crowded rather quickly and its best to come here around 2:30 - 3 to avoid the crowd and ensure you get a table.

The offerings here include classics such as pinwheel rolls, welsh rarebit, scones and jam. A piece of cake from the window display is an absolute must and do order a cuppa.

The sundae is also absolutely magnificent!

However the most delightful part about coming here is observing the array of different characters who come to Hopetoun Tearooms. There are tourists, lonely souls, yuppies and all sorts of people. But I love the old ladies who come in their finest matching suits pinned with dazzling jewels and extraordinary millinery creations perched atop their perfect coiffed hair.

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Taco Bill, Springvale

Food! What's better than good food! Good cheap food!

The restaurants along this stretch of Princess Hwy does HALF PRICE meals on Mon-Thurs. Our dinner here was only $37 including drinks and with enough left over for take away! Like seriously! We could eat here every night!

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kang-Na-Roo, Clayton

Yay! The cute old lady gave use extra slices of meat.

It's October. October means exams. Exams require studying. Studying makes me hungry. Therefore we found ourselves back in the warmth of Kang-Na-Roo, enjoying a hearty meal. The familiarity of this place always brings us back.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spicy Fish, Chinatown

We gave the chilli's a miss this time. But the dishes were still as good. Oily and delicious. Just the way to fill a starving stomach.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Oriental Tea House, Chadstone

It took me a long time to warm to the idea of a al carte yumcha restaurant. For me, the most exciting thing about yumcha is being able to leap at the trolleys as they pass by and grab dishes on a whim.

When I first saw Oriental Teahouse on Chapel St, I was a bit apprehensive about its concept. I thought it was just another Asian restaurant Westernising itself to attract the 'right crowd'.

However, since I puckered up the enthusiasm to try Oriental Teahouse at Chadstone, I have grown rather fond of the place. I can't vouch for the one at Chapel St, but the one at Chadstone is quite good, and the food is rather delightful.

To start with, definitely select something from their extensive list of teas. I usually prefer the sweet ice teas. However that is simply due to the fact that our family receives a lot of good tea from friends. Therefore the tea leaves/mixes here with their exotic names don't really faze me. But if you like tea, then definitely try the selection. I would recommend chrysanthemum and goji berry because they are both very very good for the body.

Phoneix Feet - a must have every time
Scallop Dumplings - a bit too big but the starched broth saved it

Fried Whitebait - lightly battered and lightly fried = just right
Fried Rice - loved the flavourful bits of bbq pork and the sweet succulent prawns

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Old Kingdom, Collingwood

We came here to test its reputation of being the BEST restaurant for Peking Duck. We made sure to make a booking in advance and book our ducks in advance. Between the 5 of us, we shared two ducks and the portions were just right. At $55 dollars each, and served three ways, Old Kingdom is probably one of the cheapest places for Peking Duck in Melbourne.

I admit that its Collingwood location made me a little bit apprehensive. But many raving reviews had been written about Old Kingdom and I am about to add one to the collection.

Their approach to Peking Duck is more wholesome and rustic than other places like QuanJuDe on Queens St or Peking Duck Restaurant in Chinatown. The three way duck here consists of Peking Duck, Duck with Beansprouts and Duck and Tofu Soup.

First up they carved the Peking Duck at our table. It was done efficiently and superbly, capturing the best cuts of meat and crispy oily skin. I also liked the fact that the wings and drumsticks were also cut and served to us. Although impossible to eat them like a lady, they are definitely the tastiest parts of the duck.

Another thing to commend Old Kingdom on is their pancakes. Their pancake is amazingly thin. Yet still resilient enough that I could squeeze two fat pieces of duck in one pancake. Although as a matter of personal preference, I think the spring onions could've been replaced with leeks to achieve an even better contrast against the duck.

The beanshoots were crisp and fresh. However because beanshoots are such a delicate vegetable, the dish would've been even better if the duck pieces had been slivers instead.

The soup was delicious. It was exactly how duck soup should be. The flavor of the duck was subtle and soaked up by the tofu and the pickled vegies in the soup.

Ahhhhh dessert! Perfect finish to the night! I can't wait to go back there soon!

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cafe Moretti, Glen Waverley

It's hardly a bad location, but perhaps the premise is jinxed. All I can really remember about the past occupants are they were numerous and did not last very long. Nevertheless it's nice to see that the newest tenants seems to be doing rather well.

Desserts seems to be its specialty and it has two gianormous glass cabinets filled with delectable offerings!

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spicy Fish, Glen Waverley

Shanghai dumplings had a really nice meaty filling inside and was deliciously soupy - but the skin was thick. It did make it easier to pick them up, and reduced the chance of soup-loss, however its thickness generated much irk.

Soft and succulent - and well spiced using cumin. Reminded me of the flavour of Xinjiang lamb kebabs.

The twice cooked pork on the left was not exceptional. However the eggplant was excellent and really delicious!!!

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Naked for Satan, Fitzroy

Such a quirky fun place! Infused vodka, paxitos, and vintage porn! This place has it all!

The delicious range of paxitos near the entrance is the highlight of this joint. There are so many different toppings and I am adamant that I will have tried them all by my next visit. At $2each, they are also very very reasonably priced.

The paxitos can be washed down with one of many drinks from an extensive menu. I ordered the chocolate infused vodka which was only so-so. However one of the other girls had a pinky coloured vodka and that was delicious! Might have been peach or cherry?

Can't wait to go back for another birthday this week!

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