Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Horse Bazaar, Melbourne CBD

We came here on a Thursday night and paid $25 for two hours of ALL YOU CAN EAT AND DRINK. It was the most amazing deal ever. The food was alright, and is best classified as Japanese fusion. For example, the okonomiyaki was topped with cheese, and there was an interesting salad featuring mixed leaves and chicken and eggs.

Also, the serving style is a bit different to your usual buffet. The food is set up on a table and as you point to each dish, a waitress put it on your plate. I suppose it's a good way to prevent food being wasted. What was a little disappointing was that there was only a small variety of food on offer, as there were only about ten different types of dishes.

However, the abundant availability of drinks more than made up for the limited selection of food varieties. My drink of choice was sake and after 5 cups of that lethal stuff, everything tasted pretty much the same anyway.

Overall, HB is a great little place to kick off a big night. It's casual, it's fun and it's fantastic value.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wagamama, Chadstone

Yet again, on one Tuesday we found ourselves in one of our usual predicaments. Basically it goes something like this: N is hungry, I am not. N wants a long lunch and I am in a hurry. N is envisioning fresh dishes made to order in a restaurant and I am thinking quick easy snacks in a food court. So we found ourselves at one of our usual halfway houses. Wagamama. It offers a range of refreshing light bites and salads as well as heavier rice and ramen dishes. Also N always justifies it by citing the fact that because it's in a shopping centre it's not really a "restaurant".

Our drinks arrived quickly and my juice was fruity, fresh, and not too sweet.

Chicken karaage was well seasoned and full of flavour. However the meat wasn't succulent and had perhaps been overcooked.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Meat and Wine Co, Southbank

This place can boast of prime location and awesome views! On many past occasions, we had tried to come here on the weekends without a booking and had failed every time. On this occasion, I was there on a Thursday night for a birthday. Even on a Thursday, the place had a good crowd. But a word of warning about the service is also necessary because it was quite erratic and we had about to deal with about three different wait staff to get our orders on our table.

Unsurprisingly, I went for the 1kg ribs! It was huge when it arrived but don't be scared, because the bones are huge and the take up most of the weight. It wasn't that hard to finish. Steaks were also ordered and it was perfectly medium rare. I think the burgers were a tad large and no one finished both the burger and the chips for fear of carb overload.

What really pleased me were the array of desserts on offer. They were innovative with modern twists on traditional classics and everything looked beautiful! The desserts weren't heavy on cream or sugar and this made them so much easier to enjoy after the heavy meal.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OMG i'm over 50KGS!!! NOOOOO!

MUST stop stuffing my face with delicious Lindt macaroons in every possible flavor, rose syrup and condensed milk concoctions, salmon and avocado mixtures, deep fried goodies, and dumplings of every variety.

It's gonna be:
Juice for breakfast.
Raw cucumbers for lunch
Tomato salsa for dinner.

Must fit back into clothes.

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Hopetoun Tearooms, Melbourne CBD

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Scusami, Southbank

Two years ago, we came here on an ordinary Friday night and experienced one of the best meals I have ever had in my life.

The restaurant offers a fantastic view of the city skyline and we were given a balcony table with perfect dim lighting. Despite the fact that we had only stumbled in for a pre-drinks casual dinner, the surroundings made it feel like a special evening.

For starters, we shared a Caparccio di Monzo con Funghi for starters. This was a delightful dish of thin slices of raw Angus beef topped with mushrooms, soft truffled duck eggs and drizzled with herb infused olive oil. It was a perfect combination. The oil lubricated the beef and gave it the perfect texture. For someone who usually shies away from raw beef, this dish was enough to convince me otherwise. Meanwhile, the truffled duck eggs and mushroom held distinct flavors of their own, but were even better wrapped inside the slices of raw beef. But it was too good and sadly it was all finished before I remembered to take a picture.

R could not go past the Wagyu! He ordered the Medaglioni di Manzo, which featured pan roasted Wagyu beef, creamed Jerusalem artichoke, Italian cabbage and a bed of porccini mushrooms. It was pure perfection. To this day, the Wagyu beef is still the best Wagyu we have had.

I had the free range duck. Anitra alla Grappa featured half a roasted Muscovy duck, muscatel grapes, slow braised sweet red onions and a dark thick sweet sauce. The duck was delightfully soft and the strands of flesh melted easily in the warmth of my mouth. Again, it was the complementary nature of all the flavors which made this dish so memorable.

Unfortunately, the photos were taken mid-meal with a 3.1mp phone camera, so please excuse the poor form.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tender Trap, Chadstone

Amazing!!! Absolutely amazing lunch! The place had enough people to create a nice buzz, but it wasn't uncomfortably crowded, and the service was attentive and relaxed.

The food was delicious and unpretentious. I especially enjoyed my mussels which were so fresh and thoroughly cleaned, and they were topped with generous scoops of fresh tomato salsa and pesto sauce. Our entree of saganaki was a bit salty and it would have been better if it was served with a slice of lemon and some bread. However I liked the fact that it was lightly crumbed and crispier on the outside than other's that I have had. R's lamb tangine featured this unique pearl cous cous which I had never had before. It had a lovely simple texture similar to barley but smoother. Next time, I've got to make sure I also leave some room for dessert, because the hot chocolate filled doughnuts sound divine!

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hog's Breath, Chadstone

Went back recently and I think they've had a menu change. I could not resist the new 1KG RIBS!!! IT WAS SO OMFG AWESOME. BETTER THAN ANYTHING I HAVE EVER HAD.

Softer than what I had at Meat and Wine Co.
Juicier than what I had at Squires Loft.
Just unbelievable! And the copious amount of sticky sweet bbq sauce slathered over the whole thing. I literally gained a whole KG that day.

A close up of R's tiny little piece of steak. Ok it wasn't really tiny. But in comparison to my rack of ribs, they seemed rather measly. =P

Fluffy light fruity pavalova to finish off the meal. Yum!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Yoyogi, Melbourne CBD

This place was surprisingly good! It was cheap, efficient, and delicious.

Huge selection of sweet drinks to choose from. Green tea ice is my favourite.

Loved the gyoza, the skin was very thin and I could taste the distinct ingredients in the filling.

This place is great for a quick bite in the CBD if you are shopping and want to get back to the sales in a hurry. The prompt service will ensure that you are out of here in a jiffy to stop someone stealing those size 5.5 shoes which are 70% off.

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New Royal Garden, Glen Waverley

Service. This is the main attraction of places like New Royal Garden, Imperial Kingdom, Shark Fin House. As it usually is with these old establishments, service is always reliable and efficient. They never trust the young ones very much and they just go around poring tea or cleaning up tables. All the important tasks like taking orders or serving dishes are usually undertaken by the more experienced staff. I remember the faces of some waitresses from way back when we used to dine here regularly in the early years of this decade.

Three of us came here for yum cha on a weekday lunchtime and the place had quite a few tables filled. However the clientèle was rather mixed and we had most likely arrived in the middle of a session, so it took a while for the right dishes to make their way around to us. But the staff were obliging and after a while, we realised that it was probably quicker just to ask for what we wanted.

Now, as for the food. It was mostly ok. There's weren't anything overtly spectacular and there weren't any total failures. Everything was just how they should have been. The flavours were expected and the taste of the dishes were familiar. That is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when you are craving that familiarity. Not every meal has to be like wearing a Vivienne Westwood creation. Sometimes, all you want to get into is a Ralph Lauren shirt and a pair of Levi's.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ping's Dumplings, Clayton

It's exam period and we found ourselves back at Ping's for some good old fashioned comfort food. This time,I made sure that R did not order too much again.

My red bean paste spring rolls arrived first and they were quite good. The filling was moist and the fried skin was crisp and chipped nicely on the first bite.

The 'kung pao' chicken was also really really tasty. Perfect companion for a bowl of freshly cooked white rice!

Then came the fried 'shen jian bao'. These were a childhood favourite and I remember that my grandpa used to get up at 5 o'clock in the morning, just to line up for a fresh serve of these so that I could have them for breakfast. Done right, they can be even better than 'xiao long bao'. And these were indeed perfect. They oozed a loadful of pork juice and the meat was sweet and succulent. They must have been made on site.

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