Tuesday, April 5, 2011

China Bar Signature, Burwood

I cannot believe that I have not yet reviewed this place! It is the ultimate glutton's dream. It has every single kind of Asian food imaginable and just in case they do not, there is a cook to order station where you can create your own dishes and have it made for you on the spot.

Earlier this year, we'd discovered that they had voucher booklets for sale. At $250 each, the booklet included 6 lunch vouchers, 4 dinner vouchers, 1 birthday meal, and 4 tea and coffee vouchers. We were so excited we bought three.

On this occasion, we visited for lunch. The photos below probably only represent half of what I ate that day, but they provide an idea of the selection that is on offer.

China Bar Signature (Asian Buffet) on Urbanspoon

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Noodle House, Southbank

Despite its humble name, it is not in fact a takeaway outlet or a cheap eatery in the middle of surburbia. When The Noodle House first opened on Southbank, I thought it was an odd addition to the likes of World, Left Bank and other big names in the area. That was until I learnt that they are owned by the Emirates Group. Added to that, the stylish decor, cloth napkins, a $15-25 price range, it seems to fit right in.

Food was decent and well presented. Service was relatively efficient, adjudged from the fact that we didn't lose any orders. I did like the fact that they implemented an interesting aspect of self-service through order forms. It certainly made the experience more interactive and reminded me of visiting hawker style food courts in Asia. Perhaps an ironic ode to what this place could've been.

This dessert looked amazing and a reliable source informs me that it indeed was most brilliant.

The Noodle House on Urbanspoon