Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tender Trap, Chadstone

For starters, we had these not-so-little parcels which were quite delicious. Although, they were heavy because of the potent mix of meat and carbs - which is then deep fried. 4 of these were probably a bit too much for two people, but ordering in abundance made us happy.

As for mains, I went with my favorite dish. Every time we come here, I can't stay away from their mussels. I'm an avid hater of oysters but mussels just work for me. The ones here are always so juicy, tender and fresh, with a generous serving of sauce made of fresh tomatoes and herbs. Served with thick slices of bread, it's so good both in taste and nutrition, and it's filling without the kilojoules.

N's paella was one of the better ones we've tried. The rice was well flavoured but firm and not too mushy. The ingredients were colourful and not too over cooked. In addition, the sweet potato on top was especially interesting.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Eastern Melody, Glen Huntly

We came with our vouchers and liked the food that we had. Service was minimal but the waitress was polite and responsive. Being able to communicate to her in Mandarin probably made for a smoother experience, but it wasn't like I had to translate everything and she spoke English to N. I liked the food because the flavours and tastes were all very familiar and reminded me of traditional home-cooked meals. N liked most of the dishes because they were spicy.

Eastern Melody Charcoal Grill Restaurant on Urbanspoon

But I'm not all that surprised that they have since closed down. Whilst we enjoyed the meal, the dishes would not have a broad appeal. This would have been especially detrimental for business given the close proximity of three other Chinese restaurants in the area. This concept would have done better in Clayton or similar areas where there are a lot more mainlanders and/or international students.