Friday, September 30, 2011

Steer Bar and Grill, Chapel St

We went with quite high expectations and Steer's exceeded every one of those expectations. It was a perfect dining experience and I can't wait until the next excuse eventuates so that we can plan another visit.

The entree of yellow fin tuna sashimi was absolutely divine.

In addition, Steer's surf and turf was an interesting way to taste two of my favourite things.

We accompanied our mains of pork and steak with a side of creamed spinach. The pork was so beautiful b/c the texture was unlike any kind of pork I had ever encountered. It was so smooth, and not stringy the way pork can sometimes become. The steak was equally superb. I also really really liked the fact that there was a waiter who came around with a smorgasbord of condiments so that we could pile on as much sauce and relish as we wanted. The onion relish was my favorite!

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Soda Rock, Chapel St

We arrived early on Chapel St before our dinner date at Steers expecting to pick up a dozen macarons from Como Chocolates. Despite the fact that it was nearly the end of the day and the fridge was pretty well stocked, we were sent away empty handed. I left the store disappointed, and N annoyed.

Across the street, Soda Rock seemed like the perfect place for us to eat and drink away our sorrows and get our stomachs lined and ready for dinner.

We ordered one burger combo to share and they were so nice as to cut it up and serve it on two plates. This was definitely one of the better burgers I have had in Melbourne. So simple and such a classic.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Cruzao Arepa Bar, Fitzroy

We had a terribly awful, utterly traumatic, and horrendously disappointing meal at this establishment. To put it simply, it was bad. We booked with our voucher expecting a feast of all-you-can-eat heart-and-soul-warming-comfort-food. N had said so many good things about Latin food and I was so eager to try a new style of cuisine. But alas, it was not to be so.

On a Thursday night, we arrived 15 mins earlier than our designated seating time. We went in and there was already a line of people leading up to the counter. We all just stood around and waited to be noticed by the waitresses fluttering past. No one really acknowledged our presence and so we just stood around some more. There were quite a few empty tables around the place but evidently, everyone else who were in the same predicament felt that it was rude to sit down by ourselves. Finally we were told just to take a seat and so we guided ourselves to a table and sat down.

A while later, a waitress came around to explain how the meal would work. She explained that we would be served some starters and then mains. But she said we'd have to select two fillings each and a side dish each.

SAY WHAT?!??!!? I thought it was ALL YOU CAN EAT! The glutton inside me balked at this sod of an imposter masquerading as an ALL YOU CAN EAT offer. ALL YOU CAN EAT clearly means ALL YOU CAN STUFF DOWN YOUR THROAT. A permissible variation may be ALL YOU CAN HOLD INSIDE YOUR STOMACH. This offer bore no resemblance because it was merely a all-WE-will-bring-out-to-you kind of offer. The imaginary happiness bubble which had been floated merrily in front of my rumbling tummy deflated almost a third after she finished explaining. N must've seen my scowl b/c he nudged me under the table to stop me from saying anything.

Anyway we began with some drinks. The malt soft drink was interesting and tasted rather like a milder version of root beer.

Not too long after, a plate of golden fried doughy things accompanied by a small pot of avocado spread. The first one was good and we were starving. But to have three per person was a bit overwhelming. This was aggravated by the fact that there were no salt and pepper shakers provided (this fact would irk me many time during the rest of the meal). But we made each other finish them so that the waitress would notice our empty plate and bring us the other dishes.

This did not happen for a while. In fact it was more than a while. It was about 40 minutes before we received our second plate. Everyone else was in a similar predicament and during this time, we witnessed the table next to us storm out of the restaurant. It was absolutely epic.

After some cajoling of the waitresses and having repeated our selections one too many times, we finally received our arepas and fillings. We were too grateful about the food that had been bestowed to say anything about the fact that two out of four of our selections had been replaced by something utterly different. Besides I was finally about to experience the famous arepas, woot! I tasted each little pot and face-palmed myself. Leaving the actual arepas aside because it was my first time eating them, let's talk about the fillings one by one. The chicken and and the other chicken both tasted ever worse than Heinz canned chicken, and that's the stuff that we feed to our cat. At least the Heinz stuff is soft and juicy, but the chicken here was dry and lacked flavour. After some more haggling, we also received some chorizo. We almost regretted it. The taste was so appalling that N hasn't mustered the courage to have chorizo anywhere else since. Being an avid lover of spicy fatty goodness, it was an especially traumatic culinary experience for him. One good thing that I did like was the chicken soup. It was comforting and tasty, just like how I expected everything else to be.

By now it was already 10:20 and we weren't in the mood to linger for dessert. Oh yes, did I mention that we were also partially deaf from the noisy band that had been playing since 9:00 and our throats were quite sore from screaming at each other over the music. To her credit, the waitress did have the sense to ask us if we would like to take some desserts home. We accepted and then baled as quick as we could outta there.

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