Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meatball & Wine Bar, Melbourne CBD

For someone who has a habit of calling me fat, P is actually remarkably apt at feeding me. Owing to his latest efforts, I think I may have discovered a new favorite restaurant. Meatball is a new joint on Flinders Lane near Chin Chin and Yu-U and Coda. By its mere proximity to these popular establishments, it is strategically located to engage with its audience.

I began the night with some wagyu beef jerky cubes which were good stabilisers after the copious amounts of liquor consumed not too long ago. They were tasty and chewy and fatty. I would have also liked to sample some mozzarella cheese and cure meats to begin the festivities, but P gave me THAT 'you're a fattie' look when he caught me eyeing that side of the menu.

Of course, as one might reasonably expect, the menu consists of mostly meatballs. There are beef meatballs, chicken meatballs and pork meatballs. There are also fish 'meat'balls and vegetarian 'meat'balls. The balls are topped with sauce, and there is also the option of having them served atop something.

I chose chicken meatballs with the green pesto salsa verde sauce to sit atop green veg(ingtons). The peas were juicy, the meatballs were succulent and the sauce burst with flavors. The parmesan was full bodied and pungent and the bread was simultaneously crusty and soft. I was amazed by its sheer awesomeness. Then at P's suggestion, I drizzled a little chilli oil over the balls. My amazement soon turned to awe, and I was almost speechless with wonder. I think that night remains one of the few occasions that P was able to devour his meal in blissful silence. 

P had been very very excited to hear our waiter explain that the special of the day was spaghetti with meatballs. He hardly looked at the menu and when the waiter came back, P eagerly and boisterously announced his order to the waiter (and the rest of the restaurant). 

There were two people sitting beside us, who had both ordered the same dish, and P almost whined audibly when they received their meals before he got his. Instead, he launched into a rather manly beating of the table with cutlery clenched in his fists. This uncharacteristic display of food envy was soon put to rest when he received his own spaghetti with meatballs and he became busy with shoveling and swallowing. 

I hadn't even completely finished one meatball, when P finished his pasta and began to mop up his plate with the bread. When I attempted to reach over to scrape up some of the last remnants of his sauce, I got THAT 'you're a fattie' look again and I was forced into a hasty retreat. P then proceeded to devour two of my meatballs - FATTIE!!!

A special mention must go to our brilliant waiter who was very friendly and competent and put up with our various antics. I hope that Meatball is able to grow and expand and I hope to see its offsprings around Melbourne. A formula of quality ingredients, tasty flavours, and reasonable prices provide solid foundations for success. 

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