Sunday, May 12, 2013

Longrain, Melbourne CBD

One day, presented with the excruciating dilemma of choosing my most-want-to-go-to, top-of-my-wishlist, forever-been-wanting-to-go restaurant, I chose Longrain. It was a rainy weekday evening and we got a table easily. The cocktail list was highly inspired and we had a difficult time choosing from an extensive list of high calibre options. It was refreshing to be confronted with so many bold cocktails at a restaurant and I was already well on my way of being thoroughly impressed. 

For starters, we had oysters which were topped with a brilliantly zesty dressing. Socially appropriate decorum aside, I probably could have swallowed half a dozen in succession. On the other hand, the meatball-esque tidbits were much less memorable and I think I may have even offered mine to M after a bite.

For mains, we chose the slow cooked shank and the red duck curry. Oh my! They were wonderful dishes packed with flavour and incorporating many interesting ingredients. M had also done his best to convince me of the merits of sharing a bottle of red by this stage. 

Dessert remained a fixation of mine throughout the evening despite the copious amounts of drinks and food that I had been plied with at that stage. My infatuation with fresh figs was consummated with perfectly caramelised halves that drew out the richness of our last glass of wine.

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Food Republik and Movenpick, Boxhill

Food Republik is a fantastic idea that is highly reminiscent of food courts in Asia, and the food options have a strong Taiwanese influence. the menu is huge and features a number of different "hawkers" who are placed around the space. Unlike in Asia where customers would approach the vendors individually, there are wait staff on hand to take orders for all the vendors and bring the food to the table. Perhaps as Food Republik gains popularity, it can revert to the more authentic ordering system. That being said, the menu does proffer an authentic spread of dishes that are comfortingly familiar and evoke many fond memories.

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Afterwards, we stopped by Movenpick, which is also a recent addition to the strip and tasted their wares. It's so great to see them in Melbourne and who knows, if we are lucky enough, maybe Haagen Daaz will open shop here as well!

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Baby, Richmond

I resisted going to Baby for a while because I wanted to wait for all the hype to die down. After a few months of holding out, my curiosity got the better of me and I ventured there with T, who had been raving about it for a good while by then. We dropped by on a lazy weekday when their lunch session was in full swing and the place was packed with an assorted clientele. 

Whilst I had heard a lot about Baby's famous pizzas, the menu was surprisingly far more extensive. There was a notable selection of pastas and salads as well as tantalising desserts. Not only so, as we were seated at the counter, the array of pastries and cakes displayed near us were distracting to say the least. My mind quickly started to wander over the possibilities, and eventually convinced myself to order the Carbonara Pizza which incorporated both of my gastronomic desires. 

It was big, irresistibly well oiled, and oh-so-good!!! T chose toppings which were competitively oily and fattening for his pizza and the pair of them oozed so divinely beside each other. 

As for the service, it wasn't great. The waiters/waitresses were difficult to come by, difficult to comprehend,  and just generally difficult. That being so, it's still got a strong following amongst the locals and we sat next to a woman who had been there for breakfast and lunch and was going to be back in the afternoon to meet another friend there... 

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