Saturday, September 28, 2013

Richmond Oyster Bar, Richmond

As repayment for shouting him lobsters, E endeavoured to return the favour. But alas, it was not to be, and what had been intended as an intimate dinner for two eventually grew into a dinner party of five.

It was a Saturday night and the place was throbbing with activity. Luckily we had booked in advance, but even so, we had to wait at the bar for  our table to be cleared. Choosing from the menu was a relatively easy affair as we had heard many great things about the seafood platter and spied it on many other tables in the restaurant.

Whilst choosing was a relatively quick affair, ordering proved to be quite difficult. Our waitress, lovely as she was, failed to grasp simple concepts. We had to repeatedly explain to her that we wanted to order the seafood platter for two, to be shared between three people. Then when one of the other boys tried to adjust his fish and chips order, she almost reeled in confusion. She was trying her hardest and seemed new, so we decided to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway, the food soon arrived and we were momentarily awestruck as we basked in its splendid glory. Everything was so fresh and appealing and we went at it with hands and all. After the initial frenzy, we still found ourselves with almost half of the platter left to go. They had been very generous with the serving portions.

Whilst the food was phenomenal, the lacklustre service was quite disappointing. We found it immensely difficult to get service and even when we finally hailed someone down, they would forget the request or take a while to get back to us. This was all the while with us sitting right in front of the bar, so I can only imagine how the rest of the patrons fared.

The incompetent service continued into dessert time resulting in mine not arriving until after everyone had finished theirs. When I firmly asked for my dessert order to be taken off the bill, the manager came over to offer an apology and even had the decency to take another one of our dessert orders off the bill as well. Such a redeeming gesture was well received by the whole group and we left the restaurant in good spirits.

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