Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Movenpick, QV

Finally, Movenpick has landed in Melbourne CBD (after it opened its first store in Box Hill some time last year). Its well-chosen location in QV, next to Pappa Rich is a savvy business decision.

We visited late on a Sunday after a stroll through the Carlton Gardens and a brief jaunt through the playground. After a few hours of indulging ourselves in such delightfully childish activities, it seemed only befitting that we should indulge in some ice cream and sorbet.

Despite a dizzying array of choices, we tried to be very good and stuck to a strict order of ONLY three scoops. T chose the espresso sorbet and a lemon and lime sorbet. To balance out the hues (and flavours), I chose the grapefruit and sneaked in some caramelised nuts and white chocolate shavings on top. 

The assortment of flavours complemented each other in an oddly endearing sort of way. The caramelised nuts complemented the espresso sorbet whilst the white chocolate shavings added a touch of sweetness to the grapefruit flavour. The espresso and grapefruit sorbets simulated a nouveau version of the classic Jaffle. The grapefruit and the lemon and lime made up a much more natural suite of flavours and provided a refreshing finish.

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Bowery-to-Williamsburg, Melbourne CBD

As a self-confessed glutton, American food is satisfying in the most special way. With its standout menu of Reuben sandwiches, Southern fried chicken and peanut butter hot chocolates, Bowery to Williamsburg has become a favourite past time.

Tucked away in a cobblestoned alley on Flinders Lane, this is probably the only Melbournian aspect. There is usually a line around lunch time so be prepared to wait a little and sit on a communal table.

The place is always buzzing and the staff always seem to be run off their feet attending to the constant stream of patrons. Even so, the service is pretty quick and we’ve never had our orders missed or mistaken.

On one visit, I decided to be a little bit adventurous and ordered the pickled herring with beetroot & egg salad and cucumber bagel, with a side order of mac and cheese. This also came with some pretzels which was somewhat cute. The mac and cheese was creamy and oozy and responsibly too small!


My bagel was a rather interesting combination of flavours, which I would usually appreciate.But this particular set was a bit odd, and didn’t make my tastebuds rejoice with glee.I also had half of a Reuben which was everything that I had hoped for and more! Its sheer height made it so much more appealing and it was stuffed with an obscene amount of fillings.

Next time round, I chose the breaded eggplant with haloumi cheese, roasted peppers, and preserved lemon hummus on a pita wrap with a side of the freekeh salad with chickpeas. As a combination, they worked together really well!

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