Saturday, January 25, 2014

Axil Coffee Roasters, Hawthorn

We came here on a Sunday hoping to secure a table for brunch. Without any reservations, we had to wait about ~15 minutes before being seated which was fine as the rest of the group slowly rolled in, including E who abandoned his full spread at the Sofitel to join us.

Feeling a bit over-indulged, I only ordered a side of spinach. The others who had a proper go at the menu were all quite satisfied with their choices. The menu was pretty standard and offered familiar tastes and flavours.

Service however was a bit flaky, and we didn’t get a number of things ranging from water, water glasses, napkins, and S&P. The staff seemed forgetful / nonchalant both of which weren’t conducive towards providing sufficient service.

There was one more oddity which irked me a little. I’d ordered tea and for some strange reason, they’d taken the teabag out of the teapot. This was only discovered when I asked for more hot water for the tea, at which point a waitress took away my teapot, poured a full pot of hot water into it and came back to inform me of the fact. I struggled to fathom her strange logic.

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Touche Hombre, Melbourne CBD

T and I strolled in here on a Sunday afternoon after a long morning of braving the Christmas shopping crowds, traipsing around the toys department and (unfruitfully) lining up for Santa photos. It was a relatively warm day and we decided on a late and refreshing lunch at Touché Hombre. Our selection included the grilled corn cobs, a few soft tacos, and my favourite, the yellowfin tuna tostada.

For drinks I couldn’t go past the first one off the list, Margarita del Tommy, especially with T goading me to drink it. Rumour has it that margaritas were first mixed at Tommy's Place Bar in El Paso-Juárez around July 1942. More than seventy years later, its appeal is yet to wane and Touche Hombre’s interpretation of the drink is strong and unflinching. The tin mug added character, and encouraged me to forgo my usual sip-and-savour approach in favour of larger gulps.

To finish, we embarked on a series of tequila flights. The waitress was extremely helpful in this regard and made a number of fantastic recommendations. Predictably, T took a liking to the youngest and I preferred the oldest of the trio. On a more serious note, I have definitely developed a more profound appreciation of tequila as a drink rather than just as a means of getting drunk.

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