Monday, November 7, 2016

Kaikey's Lane, CBD

Located in Melbourne CBD’s iconic Block Place, Kaikey's Lane is a much loved multi-purpose venue. Existing primarily as a casual restaurant and bar, Joe Hachem’s latest venture also offers a number of different options for functions and events.

Given its location, Kaikey’s Lane is more likely to benefit from foot traffic passing through Block Place, rather than a dedicated local clientele.

The menu offers a mixed selection of familiar modern favourites such as burgers, paellas, pastas, and pizzas. Kaikey’s Lane delivers honest food without surprises, which can be very comforting. Because sometimes, all I really want is a good spag bol.

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Earth Wind and Flour, Elwood

Earth Wind Flour in Elwood appears to be just like any other traditional pizza shop, but it offers much more! With a selection of gourmet toppings, as well as ribs and wings, and pasta dishes on the menu, there is quite a lot to choose from. My recommendation is that whether you’re dining in or ordering take away, don’t go past the saucy buffalo wings, served with a blue cheese sauce.

Moreover, if you’re gluten intolerant, the team at Earth Wind Flour has worked hard to create the perfect base just for you. Texturally light and smooth, without the granularity which can sometimes affect GF bases, both T and I loved his GF Margherita.

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A Thousand Blessings, Richmond

A Thousand Blessings is a café in Richmond with a particular focus on holistic wellbeing, seasonal produce, and virtuous dishes.

On the weekend, there is often a huddle of people waiting to be seated, and you’d be lucky to score a seat in the sun.  

If you’re in a group, I would recommend leaving one person to wait so that the rest of you can enjoy a wander through the Gleadell St fresh food market.

The menu items feature many brunch items such as, acai, cacao, matcha, and of course, avocado, which aim to resonate instantly with brunch loving millennials. I tried the corned beef Benedict consisting of thick rashes of corned beef, a good dollop of smashed peas, and two crunchy potato croquettes, piled even higher with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.

Actually one of the reasons we chose to come here is because the menu is full of GF options. Of these, we ordered the buckwheat pancakes and the banana fritters, both of which were rather sweet, and probably sweeter than I would have expected of such a virtuous venue. 

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Easey's, Collingwood

I attended the launch of Castello Australia’s Burger Blue range at Easey’s, where had the chance to meet Adam from Man v. Food, and build our own burgers featuring Castello’s blue cheese slices.

The creamy and characteristically tangy notes of blue cheese were strong, but balanced by sweet and salty undertones, adding an unique layer of flavor to a savory grilled beef patty. I also loaded up my burger with some fig relish, and plenty of sweet BBQ sauce, as I love my food to be extra saucy!

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Little Sister, Keilor East

One of Keilor East's favourite corner cafe's!

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Monday, October 31, 2016

Juno & May, Camberwell

As T always likes to tell me, Camberwell is his hood. As such, he remembered Juno and May's location in its former state.

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Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen, CBD

One of my favourite ramen places in Melbourne because I'm very particular about my broth, and the texture of my noodles, and I like how Ikkoryu Fukuoka allows me to customise both. 

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Tim Ho Wan

I love coming here for a quick dinner, on the weekdays, especially on the days when I have to return to the office, because I know that I will be getting in and out of here in no time. 

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mr Humble, Highett

Mr. Humble boasts a 1.5m wood fired oven, and a peacock mural. Come for the pizzas, and stay for the delicious selection of starters and evolving specials. A good strategy, given that the clientele is mostly made up of locals.

The decor is modern, with a touch of comfort, and the ambiance is casual. Service is friendly, although most of the weekend servers seem to be casuals, and we were caught in what seemed to be a transition of shifts, which caused some confusion with our orders. This was rectified fairly quickly, although we weren't offered desserts... which means we'll have to visit next time! 

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Vault Cafe Bar Restaurant, Yarraville

Situated in the centre of Yarraville Village, Vault resides inside a historic building that used to be the State Savings Bank of Victoria. 

The menu is quite diverse and we had the opportunity to taste a selection of the dishes. We tried the ribs special and the lamb cutlets, both of which were superbly cooked and composed. 

Also a standout were the drinks on offer, especially the tantalizing array of cocktail creations. There was a matcha and strawberry special which I really enjoyed, as well as a cinnamon concoction that was very intriguing indeed. 

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Day of the Dead, St Kilda

An established cocktail bar located inside The George, in the heart of St Kilda, this place probably doesn’t really need any introductions. Serving feisty cocktails, and providing a comprehensive menu of Mexican and Spanish  tapas, this is a favorite haunt of many locals.  

Flautus, which are hand rolled puff pastry cigars, filled with fire roasted capsicum, black beans, cheese and jalapeños, are a must try! Precisely cooked for a little bit of crunch and served with a drizzle of balsamic reduction, these are insanely addictive and go down a treat with any alcohol of choice.

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Shimbu, Brunswick

Shimbu​ is the new restaurant and bar by the same family who had previously owned and operated Wild Yak.  Shimbu in Tibetan means delicious as well as highly pleasing to the senses. 

Shimbu brings a unique collection of traditional and modern Tibetan dishes to Brunswick. We were lucky to have the opportunity to sample a huge variety of dishes showcasing a range of delicious flavors and ingredients.

Our favorite were the tasty lamb ribs which were lightly crumbed and gently cooked to provide enough crunch whilst keeping the meat juicy and succulent. The curries were also really wonderful and T was especially a fan of the tofu curry.

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Pepper Lunch, Hawthorn

Peppper Lunch is one of my favorite QSR chains for its convenience, deliciousness, and affordability. The menu is an amalgamation of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese flavours, which combined is somewhat reminiscent of a Hong Kong diner. 

Popular with students, office workers, and families, Pepper Lunch has something for everyone. Most of the dishes are served on a sizzling hot plate, and my favorite thing to do at Pepper Lunch is to add extra cheese to whatever I'm ordering.

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Platform 270 at DoubleTree by Hilton, Melbourne CBD

This trendy eatery, located inside Double Tree by Hilton, features an open kitchen, unique dishes made with local produce, and comfortable surroundings. When they say local, they really mean local, with ingredients sourced from their very own rooftop herb garden and a bee hive producing their own honey.

The menu is always seasonal and does its best to showcase what Melbourne has to offer.  The current winter menu features dishes such as braised rabbit, BBQ ox tongue, and roasted spatchcock. Also, like all good hotel restaurants do, there is a whole section devoted to steaks, including a 300g grass fed scotch. 

Last but not to say the least, is my favorite section of the menu, desserts! Here, don't go past the warm honey poached pear, and definitely try the five spice chocolate panna cotta served with honeycomb.

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On It Burgers, Abbotsford

I discovered this place by chance via Uber Eats and have been quite addicted ever since! The burgers buns are soft, but just slightly dense, and are dusted with sesame. 

For those with a curious streak, try a burger with a black bun. The Spicy Chick features crunchy fried chicken, sriracha mayo, coleslaw and lettuce. 

There is also the Black Beard, made up of soft shell crab, coleslaw and coriander, sriracha, and a dash of hero sauce, held within a black bun. It's the perfect combination of sweet, savory and spicy.

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Burger Project, CBD

The Burger Project comes from the maestro Neil Perry of Rockpool Group, to house his infamous Rockpool burger.

With buns sourced from Breadtop, patties made in house daily with the finest beef in Australia sourced from Cape Grim Tasmania, and containing no hormones or no antibiotics, there was no doubt that these would taste fantastic! 

The chips are thrice fried to make them extra crunchy, and in my opinion, best dipped in the vanilla soft serve.

Beyond the food, desserts, and drinks, The Burger Project presents a fascinating business case study. 

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St Cloud Eating House, Hawthorn

St Cloud delivers honest and fresh Vietnamese style food in a two story restaurant with an exceptionally white exterior. The colour of the walls, that is.

Inside, there are condiments which line the walls, and vibrantly colored feature pieces of furniture.

Dishes include pipis in a lemongrasss broth and mains such as braised pork belly and eggs in soya sauce. Other choices are less obviously Vietnamese but equally as delicious. These include barbequed scallops with Chinese sausage and caramel chicken wings with cubes of sticky rice, burnt onion, pickled ginger and herbs.

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The Foodrinkery, Burwood

The Foodrinkery is one of my favourite discoveries in recent times, and it is located in the fine surburb of Burwood (disclaimer: I may or may not be heavily invested in Burwood real estate). 

Sitting amongst a local strip of shops which is yet to be invaded by a Coles or a Safeway, the cafe has retained an authentic community vibe. It's the perfect setting for a weekday catch up or a casual family outing on the weekend.

For larger groups or customers with particularly active children, you can head outside to the courtyard at the back which opens out onto a park and playground equipment.

When it comes to the menu, The Foodrinkery punches weigh above its weight! There are many choices to choose from, and I'm a big fan of the FD Benny which consists of waffles served with 12hr slow cooked beef. For the vegetarian or the gluten intolerant, there are plenty of delicious choices such as the Chermoula eggs or the grilled zuchini and brown rice salad.

Because I had such a fantastic experience, I'm most definitely looking forward to revisiting this cafe again soon, with my parents in tow. 

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Cheshire, Preston

If I was a cat, I think I would most definitely be a Cheshire cat. Popularised by Lewis Carroll in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, known for its distinctive mischievous grin, and propensity to be rather rotund and well fed, it is really just me-incarnate.

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