Friday, February 19, 2016

Mayday, Richmond

Recently opened, and with the backing of the Axil name, it seemed like the perfect spot for a foodie gathering. The four of us went along, excited to check out the venue, and sample the menu.

It was a Sunday morning, and the place was already fairly busy. We had to wait ~15-20mins for a table, but we had plenty of things to chat about in the meantime, so it didn't feel like a long time.

Soon after we sat down wit some menus, our waitress came by promptly to take our coffee orders. This, we took as a promising sign.

However soon after, a few of Mayday's teething problems quickly became apparent. Our coffees were delivered by confused staff who didn't whom had ordered what, or what drink order they were actually delivering to us. 

The food, whilst all presented beautifully, failed to satisfy, and some dishes were just outright disappointing. The three of us who had ordered savory dishes with poached eggs found that our eggs had all been overcooked. All three of them. To exacerbate the problem, my potato croquette was soggy in the middle, and tasted as if the batter hadn't been mixed properly, or didn't contain enough egg to bind the mixture properly.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Little Oscar, Brunswick

Little Oscar does Korean-American, and oh boy, does it do it very well! The venue is a mixture of exposed bricks, thick rope, and rough wood, creating a neutral color palate. This complements the colorful food and the vibrant flavours of the Korean-American fusion inspired menu.

We sat outside to make the most of a warm day, and started off with some refreshing sparkling sodas. Moving onto starters of Korean fried calamari with sweet chilli and beer battered chips loaded up with Little Oscar's sauce. I was absolutely blown away by the lipsmackin' combination of the intense flavors of Little Oscar's secret sauce.

We then rounded out the meal with a soft taco made with wagyu beef, sour cream, kimchi, slaw and spring onion. We were also convinced to try their signature Gangnam style sliders with Korean fried chicken, an Asian slaw and sesame seeds.

I loved everything, and especially the beer battered fries! T did too, and we will definitely be back very soon. In the meanwhile, we wish Laurance and his team the best of luck with Little Oscar. 

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Damon Bradley, Southbank

Damon Bradley is a dessert bar.  Showcasing owner Eileen Galea's culinary passion over twenty pages of tempting sweet creations, there is so much potential in this concept.

Situated inside the Southgate complex on Southbank, Damon Bradley is white and airy, and the vibe is whimsical and it is nostalgic. 

The menu contains everything ranging from cakes and biscuits, to pastries and puddings, to waffles and crepes, to ice creams and sundaes, and even dessert martinis. Just reading the menu was enough to make me want to come back!

One of my favourites comes from the Desserts in Glasses section of the menu, called The Hibiscus, which consists of fresh strawberries, infused with hibiscus syrup, and served with Belgian white chocolate ice cream as well as syrup soaked hibiscus flowers. I also really loved the selection of teas, which were strong and fragrant, and perfect for cleansing my palate so I that I could continue to enjoy my desserts in all their sweetness.

‘Success is so much the sweeter for its honesty’, and I wish Eileen every sweet success.

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Palinka, Fitzroy

Eastern European, and enticing, Palinka bar is a new and exciting tapas bar in the heart of  Fitzroy. The food menu is filled with delightful choices such as Hungarian beef goulash, and the drinks menu features every imaginable variety of palinka, as well as many other beverages of choice.

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Stagger Lee's, Fitzroy

Stagger Lee's is all about gorgeous food. Chef Chris and his team are creative and they are bold, so the menu here is full of interesting flavors, and vibrant colors.

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Warra Warra, Melbourne CBD

Tucked away at end of the Tivoli arcade, is a new Korean joint, that has become very popular very quickly, by offering good food at low prices. Very good food, that is, for very low prices, and in very generous portions. 

The set up is casual, the service is minimal, and orders are taken at the counter, and brought out to the number assigned to the table. The food arrives fast, sizzling, and delicious. There was just so much of it, and I wished that I had come with a bigger appetite.

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Stokers Pancakes, South Melbourne

Stokers, originally of Ivanhoe, has resurfaced in South Melbourne, in a hipper, and newer version of its former self. The new premises is a lot smaller, but is however filled with more light than the previous location. 

The menu is a condense version of original favorites as well as new additions such as pancake chips. Yes, that's right, pancake chips. 

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Oyster Bay Seafood, Tasmania

Stillwater, Tasmania

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bawa, Hawthorn

Bawa hasn't been open for very long, but it is already hugely popular. If you're arriving at anytime after 9:30am on the weekends then be prepared to be put on a waiting list for a table. But be assured that the wait is worthwhile, and the staff are absolutely lovely about the fact that you are waiting to eat there.

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Kitty Burns, Abbotsford

Renowned for its pastel color pallet, high ceilings and natural light, this has been an extremely popular venue. A good thing, given its obscure location under a block of apartments, in Abbotsford. Where is Abbotsford you ask? 

Now, once you do find your way here, there is a menu full of choices fit for a foodie. After much contemplation, A and I chose two of the most photogenically renowned dishes, the Eton mess, and the chia pudding. 

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