Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Left-Handed Chef, South Melbour

I love food and I love people who share my love for food. At The Left Handed Chef in South Melbourne, the passion for food is evident in the proudly fresh baked bread, hearty portions, and enthusiastic staff who loved telling me all about their own favorite dishes.  

T and I enjoyed breakfast here one weekend and on our way in, we bumped into our friend R and his family. Being South Melbournians, they said that The Left Handed Chef is a local favorite of theirs. This glowing endorsement had extra meaning as R’s wife runs the ever healthy and ever delicious Nourishing Adventures.

Sure enough, we were treated to a fantastic feed including T’s Big Grand Slam consisting of thick slices of freshly made gluten free bread topped with haloumi fried to perfection, smoky bacon, perfectly poached eggs, lather of hummus, and a sprinkle of dukkha. T says it is going into the book as one of the best meals he has had. I being, the greedy glutton I was, ventured outside the standard menu and towards the first thing I saw on the specials board – waffles. Waffles with beautifully scrambled eggs, lots more of smoky bacon, fried haloumi. I may have deliberately chosen to not read the details so as to double up on bacon and haloumi, knowing that T would be bestowing his entire portion onto me! I did compensate him with some eggs.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

White Mojo, Melbourne CBD

White Mojo is another new addition to the infamous Hardware Lane. Frankly, I'm surprised that it's taken anyone this long to try and benefit from Hardware Societe's ever-constant, never-ceasing foot traffic. 

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Just Fine Food, Sorrento

Well known for possibly having the BEST vanilla slices in Victoria, Just Fine Food is certainly a popular name with both locals and tourists, and wedding guests alike.

Fresh from our friend P's church service nearby, 7 of us piled onto an outside table on the side walk. The cafe is actually rather small and most of the seating is actually outside which makes the provision of table service a curious exercise, especially when most of the cakes are on display inside.

The wait staff here are mostly young, with some quite chirpy, and others a bit less enthusiastic. Nevertheless, it was encouraging to see many local youngsters in the workforce.

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Tank Fish & Chippery, Carlton

With age and maturity, I’ve really started to appreciate fish and chips. I used to associate fish as being too healthy, and would always keep away from it unless either of my parents had a say in the matter. 

However, my appreciation for fish has developed over time, although mostly centering around ceviche and sashimi.

That is, until, V introduced me to Tank Fish and Chippery. Situated in two locations across Melbourne, they serve fresh seafood of all varieties, seasoned and grilled, or lightly battered and fried.  

Although positioning itself as in the casual dining segment, the food is restaurant quality, and absolutely delicious. In addition to fish, there are also fresh oysters shucked to order, salt and peeper calamari (my favorite), and sweet scallops. 

But don't over stuff yourself though, because the chocolate and banana spring rolls are an absolute divine treat! 

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The Burger Block, Kew

The Burger Block serves amazingly glorious burgers all day long, from dawn to dusk, and beyond! We went for an early feed at about 11:30 and I started my morning with a Rise and Shine burger, featuring bacon, egg, and hash brown, piled between a sesame seeded bun. I added a beef patty, and some onion rings to amplify my burger even more, and was rewarded with a very satisfying stack.

My burger companion, J, chose the special of the month, the Pineapple Express, which was compose of an odd mix of pineapple, SPAM, and stay chicken. Odd perhaps, but actually really tasty!

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Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters, Melbourne CBD

Has is most famously known for its dramatic hot chocolate, served with a tall puff of fairy-floss. Strategically located in Hardware Lane, Hash would have enjoyed the benefit of foot traffic from the infamous Hardware Societe in its early days. 

However, since then, it has developed a loyal following of its own. Some of my favorite dishes here include the delightfully colorful waffles, and the uniquely flavored espresso panna cotta.

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Dosa Hut, Footscray

We're so lucky in this country to have access to so many delicious foods from all over the world! Recently, I discovered Dosa Hut in West Footscray which specialises in delicious dosa's, which are fermented crepes made from rice and balck lentils. It's often served with many different types of curries and condiments.

We visited late on a Saturday afternoon, and saw that the restaurant was packed with people of Indian descent, many of whom appeared to be relishing their dishes - a promising sign of things to come! As my Dad always taught me, don't walk into a Chinese restaurant unless it's packed with Chinese people.

As well as the namesake dosa's the menu also featured some interesting Indian-Chinese inspired dishes such as Chicken 65, Gobi Manchurian, as well as fried noodle and rice dishes. We had the chance to try the Chicken 65 as well as the Chilli Goat, and I found both to be extremely addictive. I simply could not help but alternate bites of each.

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